A Backpacker’s Ultimate Guide to Australia

Australia serves as a home to plenty of scenic tourist attractions. With so many beautiful places to visit and fun things to do, it’s really easy to get overwhelmed as you plan your travel itinerary. To get the most out of your adventure, here are the coolest things to try during your stay.

Explore Fraser Island

Fraser Island is becoming popular among tourists nowadays because of its magnificent beauty. Backpackers often go on a tag-along tour wherein they explore the island in groups by driving around in a 4×4. Drive along the full glory of its shores or you can also visit iconic spots such as Lake McKenzie and the S.S. Maheno wreck.

Enjoy the Wonder of Sydney

The city of Sydney has a lot to offer. Its diverse culture and ever-changing life makes it one of the most interesting cities to visit. There are plenty if beaches accessible such as the Manly and Coogee Beach. You can also go hiking on Blue Mountains and experience nature’s beauty. If you love exploring marine life, visit the Sydney Aquarium to get a glimpse of the underwater world. Don’t forget to take snapshots of some iconic buildings such as the Harbour Bridge. For a hassle-free trip, booking backpacker tours in Australia is a great idea.

Take a Food Trip at Tasmania

Tasmania is always on top of every foodie’s must-visit places due to its rich gourmet culture. From pastries, oysters, Belgian chocolates and cheese, you’ll surely have a mouth-watering experience when you visit this place. You can drive around the town and sample some fresh and local produce. Don’t forget to drop by Tamar Valley and have a taste of their finest wines.

Go Surfing in Byron Bay

Byron Bay is one of the surfing hotspots in Australia. Surfers, both beginners and experts, enjoy Byron’s finest waves under the sun. If you’re not into surfing, there’s no need to worry. Take a walk along its stunning shores up to the Byron Bay Lighthouse to enjoy a panoramic view of the entire bay. If you’re lucky, you might also get a glimpse of dolphins and whales playing on the sea. At night, both backpackers and locals gather on the beach to enjoy its natural ambience.

Spend the New Year’s Eve at Sydney

Aside from fun activities all year round, Sydney is also famous for its fireworks show on New Year’s Eve. The Sydney Harbour starts this fantastic light display at 9 in the evening and during midnight. You can simply lay a picnic blanket along the shore, take a cruise on a boat, or get a waterside hotel room to enjoy the magnificent view.

Go Skiing at Falls Creek

If your trip falls just in time for winter, one of the best things to do in Australia is try some winter sports. Falls Creek has various terrains that suits even beginners in skiing. You may also go to its ski schools and learn the sport. No need to worry about accommodation since there are plenty around, from cosy lodges to 5-star hotels.

Australia is one of the top visited tourist destinations around the globe. Ready your backpacks and experience the breathtaking beauty of this country.

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