Best Accessories for Game Fishing Trips

You would need to pack a lot of things for your game fishing trip to enjoy it fully. In addition to must have items like hooks and lines, you can improve your trip with the following accessories:

Polycarbonate Sunglasses

Don’t pack your regular beach sunglasses on the fishing trip. Choose a pair of shades with polycarbonate, polarized lenses. These are the sunglasses that actually protect your eyes from the glare coming off the surface of the water. These protect your eyes and increase your visibility at sea, so you can actually locate fishing spots better. Choose a pair designed for game fishing or similar outdoor activities. The sunglasses need to be durable and well-made to withstand rough handling at sea.

A Fish Finder

A modern fish finder should definitely be on any serious game fisher’s list of must-have boat supplies. Why? Because it’s absolutely necessary for a successful off-shore fishing trip. Fish finders have deep sonar for locating schools of fish underwater that are difficult to spot from a marine vessel. The latest fish finders are equipped with pretty convenient tech that makes game fishing trips more fun and less tedious.

For example, a good fish finder these days would come with a corresponding smartphone app. A team of fishers can simultaneously access the app as a result. Complete GPS integration is also a common feature.  Also, look for fish finders that allow you to map the schools of fish to make your trip even more memorable.

A Fillet Knife

Planning on grilling the fish at sea? Or at least cutting it? Don’t forget to pack a great fillet knife. Don’t ruin a good cut just because you forgot to pack the right equipment. The usual fillet knife is suitable to take on the trip. However, you might want to choose a knife with a high-friction handle. It offers better grip, especially on swaying marine vessels. Choose a grip won’t absorb the fish juices and make the place smell.

Fish Handling Gloves

Don’t pack just any gloves on your fishing trip. Buy a pair of high-quality fish handling gloves specially designed for fishers. These gloves protect hands from sharp objects, such as hooks, fillet knives, and other types of blades you may come into contact on a fishing trip. The specialised  gloves won’t tear or get nicked like regular ones. Pack a pair or two to avoid common cutting hazards.

Multi-Use Fishing Pliers

Fishing pliers are definitely a must for both saltwater and freshwater trips. When buying though, consider a multi-tool pair. Multi-tool pliers often combine several tools to give you more functionality. For example, a multi-use plier may do necessary things like crimping sleeves, while also opening split rings. Dedicated line cutters are better for getting through braid, though. And finally, don’t forget the lanyard. It’s a must for safekeeping on unsteady waters.

Small Waterproof Box

Bring a compact, waterproof box on your fishing trip to keep your valuable, such as your smartphone, while you fish. Most fishers forget that the deck is not a safe place for small items like keys and phones. The waterproof box would protect your valuables from saltwater splash, harsh sun, and other hazards.

Some of the above items may not be necessary, but will definitely make your fishing trip a lot more hassle-free. When buying, make sure to choose a reliable shop, either online or offline, that guarantees high-quality products. It’s best to buy your game fishing gear form a store that specialises in such items.

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