The Best Stadiums to Watch Australian Football This Year

Is it rugby? Is it soccer? It’s none other than Australian football, a thrilling and very physical game that Australia has, and the closest thing to a national religion. If you are ever in Australia, enjoying the unique local version of football is a must. It’s not the same game you see anywhere else because Aussie football, called “footy,” is based on an Aboriginal ball kicking game. Football games occur nearly every day in the country. The major games are in September and October. The local holiday, Anzac Day, is also a great time to catch a game. You can watch it on TV from your living room, but to enjoy the whole experience, you need to be in a stadium watching a live game. Here is a list of best stadiums to watch football games in Australia:

Melbourne Cricket Ground

It may have “cricket” in the name, but this massive stadium is one of the best in Australia, period. The locals love it so much they only call it by a single letter, the “G.” The stadium seats about 100,000 people. On big game nights, the stadium is akin to a church filled with devotees celebrating their football gods. The stadium is shaped like a bowl with three main levels. While it doesn’t look like much from the outside, the size of it would mesmerize you once you are inside. The stadium is one of the biggest in the world and also one of the most beloved. The money you spend on 2018 AFL tickets will be worth every penny when you watch the game here.

Adelaide Oval

Not so far away from Melbourne, the Oval in Adelaide is an old-school stadium dedicated to nothing less than the sporting events. The Oval is redesigned from old cricket grounds, where a ring of charming trees is still well maintained. The scoreboard has hand-painted signs. Renovations have added lavish amenities and decorations to the stadium, but it still has that hometown stadium feel. It’s also the home of The Crows and the Power, two of the biggest names in Australian football.

Sydney Cricket Ground

The Sydney Cricket Ground isn’t the biggest sports stadium in Australia. But it is definitely one of the most beautiful. Unlike most modern-looking stadiums around the world, the Sydney Cricket Ground retains its original 19th-century structure. So brace yourself for magnificent pavilions and atmospheric backdrops. This stadium is definitely one of the more unique places to catch a football game.

Perth Stadium

All the way in Western Australia is the Perth Stadium. That’s not actually its name. The stadium is so new it is yet to be named. Regardless, the stadium is a sight to behold and is the home of the football heavyweights Fremantle Dockers and West Coast Eagles. These teams are known for their ferociously ardent supporters who fill the stadium to the brim on game nights. If you want to watch a loud, raucous game that’s never boring, then the Perth Stadium is where you should be.

There’s also the newly built and branded Etihad Stadium and the wonderfully named Gabba for catching an ever exciting Australian football game.

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