Best Things to See and Do in Sri Lanka

If you are planning to vacation abroad then there is no place better than the pearl of the Indian Ocean to vacation in. The island nation of Sri Lanka is a small country, once colonised by the British and before that by the Portuguese and the Dutch. It is the perfect little island with gorgeous blue seas on the coast and lush green mountains in the higher terrain. All of which can be accessed within just mere hours.

So here are the top things you need to do in Sri Lanka.

Visit the Gal Vihara

Translated as the Stone Monastery, the Gal Vihara located in Polonnaruwa is part of King Parakramabahu I’s northern monastery. The Vihara consists of 4 separate images all cut out of a single long piece of the Granite rock face. The Carvings are probably one of the best Rock carvings in the world given that it was completed in the 12th century. The rock has been cut about 15 feet deep to accommodate the statues. The longest of the statues is the Reclining Buddha is about 46.4 feet long. The statue depicts the Parinirvana of the Buddha wherein he lies on his right side. He has his right arm supporting his head while on his body he keeps his left arm. There is also a lotus flower carved on the palm of his right hand and on the soles of his feet. Given how ancient the Monastery is and the craftsmanship that has gone into creating the statues it is no surprise that the Gal Vihara is a UNESCO Heritage site and is considered as one of the most beautiful places to visit.

Go Dolphin and Whale Watching

As the Country is surrounded by the Indian Ocean, you can go dolphin and whale watching with ease. Whether you want to plan your trip by yourself or book one of the private tours of Sri Lanka to take you there, its something that you should definitely do. Kalpitiya located a couple of kilometers north of Colombo is the ideal spot to watch dolphins. The seas off this lovely coastal town are filled with dolphins and they will put on a lovely show for you while their eyes twinkle with mischief and joy. Dondra point located at the southernmost tip of the island is the perfect place to spot whales at. It can be easily accessed from most of the southern cities like Galle, Mirrissa and Hikkaduwa, etc. The best time to spot a whale is between December to April with there being a 95% chance of spotting a whale. Most sightings are of the amazing Sperm Whales and the majestic Blue Whales.

Visit A Tea Factory

A Trip to Sri Lanka is not complete without visiting a Tea Factory. The nation is at the end most famous for its tea. There are maybe tea factories located throughout the country however try to visit one in the hills of the central province. The cooler climate and the lush tea estates are an amazing experience to behold.

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