How to Choose the Right Travel Agent

One of the most important factors that will have a big impact on the quality of your holiday is the travel agent that you choose to get your services from. The travel and tourism industry has expanded rather exponentially today and because of that, there are many agents that are […]

Ideas for a Romantic Date Out in Melbourne

Melbourne never lacks of things to do. There are so many places you can tour with friends, family or just by yourself. But if you have a date to impress, these usual places might not do. Instead of ruining the night out with a boring dinner at a local fast […]

Exploring the City Center of Melbourne

Melbourne is listed as one of the ‘world’s most liveable cities’. When it comes to culture, architecture, history, arts, sports, entertainment, wine and dining or simply shopping and relaxation, Melbourne has it all. You will find that one day is barely enough to explore and indulge in the kind of […]

Travel as a Hobby

There are so many hobbies that are made in to life commitments. Some have done the same for travelling. These people have made travelling part of their lives. They may have a job based on this hobby. We may see them as lucky people since they get to go to […]

Make Travel Your Life

Change is something that is part of our lives. We do not stay the same all the time. Everything in and around us keep constantly changing. As a part of this trait, we all like to travel from one place to another. It maybe to explore another culture, learn a […]