Ideas for a Romantic Date Out in Melbourne

Melbourne never lacks of things to do. There are so many places you can tour with friends, family or just by yourself. But if you have a date to impress, these usual places might not do. Instead of ruining the night out with a boring dinner at a local fast food joint, consider these superbly romantic options:

Go on a Horse Carriage Ride

What could be more romantic than taking your date on a horse carriage ride? You can enjoy this Disney-movie like experience at several places in the city. You can hop on a ride at the Federation Square by the Flinders Street Station. The carriage is drawn by white horses, or a black and white pair, completing the dreamy picture. The horses will trot around the city covering some notable landmarks like St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the Parliament House.

Take Him or Her to a Magic Show

The date will never be boring with some literal magic in it. Take your date to the local Marriott for a unique magician Melbourne show. Don’t expect the usual card tricks or party tricks you may have seen at birthdays of youngsters. This magic show features the best magicians in the country, who are experts at astonishing the unsuspecting crowd. You will end the show truly believing in magic. But the fun doesn’t end there. The show is accompanied by a five-star dinner. If you want an elegant but also fun date, then would be one of the top choices to consider.

Climb the Eureka Skydeck with Your Date

Take your date to the incredible Eureka Skydeck to impress him or her with bird’s eye views of the city. The skydeck is 285 meters above the city. The elevator ride up lasts about 40 seconds, which is actually the fastest elevator ride in this part of the world. At the top, you can enjoy all the landmarks of the city as they are seen from above. The sights are breathtaking. Do this at night when the lights and the night sky would amazingly make up a truly romantic scene.

Picnic at the Edinburgh Gardens

It would be like a scene out of a Jane Eyre novel. Take you date to the Edinburgh gardens, which as some of the most scenic picnic spots in the country. You can enjoy a lovely afternoon or an evening surrounded by verdant trees. The park also has all the necessary amenities like public toilets and a rotunda, so it would be less like a camping trip and feel more like a romantic day out. There is a supermarket, a bakery, and a Moroccan soup bar nearby to grab snacks of you are too lazy to cook.

Go to the Boatbuilders Yard

Enjoy the picturesque sunset sky in at this award-winning café located at Melbourne’s South Wharf. The café is located right by the ocean so the views are spectacular in the evenings. You can walk to the café from the central business district. The café has a bar, so you and your date can enjoy delectable wines and each other’s company in a remarkably scenic setting.

Enjoy is one of the best cities in the world for romantic outings. You will never be out of ideas. You can try a place as suggested above that best suits you and your date’s preferences.

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