Things to Know When Planning a Cruise Ship Wedding

Cruise ship weddings are incredibly memorable. And if you’re a true romantic at heart, this could be perfect for you. Not only do you get to visit exotic locations, you’ll also be saying your vows with your sweetheart while enjoying the places you’ve always wanted to travel to. So if you’ve decided to get married on-board, here are some things you should know.

Not All Cruise Ships Plan Weddings

When you decide to have a cruise ship wedding, you could either opt to have a ceremony on-board or in a port of your choice. This gives you a much bigger selection of cruise lines to choose from. However, it’s important to keep in mind that not all cruise ships out there host weddings on-board. It is mainly the mass-market, larger boats that offer this luxury. Some luxury liners don’t offer wedding packages, but have their own smaller, customized ceremonies for passengers. Make sure the cruise ship you choose offers packages that appeal to you and your partner, such as wedding cruises sydney.

Legalizing a Wedding in a Foreign Port Isn’t Easy

Though cruise ship weddings are definitely more interesting than land-based weddings, they come with certain challenges. It can be that much harder to get your marriage legalized in a foreign port. Don’t forget to plan all this well in advance and think everything through. You could hire a wedding planner to help you out with the logistics and come to a decision on which port would be most suitable for you to say your vows in. In certain instances, you might even need to do the legal paperwork before your cruise wedding or after, making the ceremony purely symbolic.

In-Port Ceremonies Can Be Tricky

While getting married in foreign ports is what destination weddings are all about, you’ll also have to face certain problems. What if your cruise line decides to cancel its call at the very last minute due to bad weather? Certain ports, though beautiful and popular,go through extremely bad weather conditions. Due to this, you’ll have to be extra careful about which port you pick. And do remember toavoid the Caribbean islands and Mexico during the hurricane season!Also have a plan B ready if the ship decides to skip its port of call.

Pre-Sailaway Ceremonies Are Often Best

Many couples look forward to the idea of having a ship’s captain marry them. However, not all cruise lines offer this luxury and they’re mostly quite expensive. You could opt for the more traditional approach instead, and have a priest perform the ceremony. Also keep in mind that cruise ship weddings are intimate affairs, and you’ll be able to invite just a handful of guests. So if you want a bigger guest list, a pre-sailaway ceremony might be the best for you. You can have the ceremony on-board the ship while it is still docked in its homeport. You’ll be able to invite as many guests as you want, who won’t be sailing with you once the ceremony and reception are over. This will allow you to employ the clergy to perform your marriage ceremony too, and they can debark once it is done. Whenthe wedding has wrapped up, you can go on the cruise as your honeymoon.

These are just a few points to keep in mind before your plan a cruise ship wedding.

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