Top Things To Do In Croydon

Croydon is a wonderful town located in Queensland, Australia.  The town was once part of the historic gold rush and is now one of the most peaceful and lovely places to visit in Australia. Not as crowded as Brisbane and more in tune with nature, Croydon is the number one place to go for those seeking some tranquillity during their trip to Queensland. However tranquillity is not equal to boring so here are some of the top things you need to do when you visit the wonderful town.

Take A Trip To See The Mines

Given how the town was one of the most important towns when it comes to gold mining, there are a number of mines that survive even today. Many of them are declared as heritage sites however you can still tour them. Of course you would need to exhibit caution and make sure to not touch any of the surviving machinery and other artifacts. However it is a lovely experience that can be very intriguing and let you take a peek into the wonderful history of the town and a period of time when Croydon was at its peak. There is also a mining museum on the outskirts of the town which can be visited all year round. The museum not only is located in what was formerly an iguana mine site but also has many interesting artifacts such as a five head gold mining stamper that has been restored among other surviving items from centuries ago.

Experience Bird Watching Like Never Before

Croydon is part of an ecosystem which is rich and diverse. This means there is an abundance of birds in the town and its outskirts. There is  a huge variety of birds that can be spotted from Emus to the Wedge-tailed eagle and more, making this a bird watcher’s paradise. One of the best areas to go bird watching is around Lake Belmore. There is a bird hide located here which photographers can visit to spot a range of birds which flock to the lake. Two birds that are renowned in this town are the pink and grey galahs. They can be spotted virtually from anywhere within the town’s vicinity. Furthermore the town is also home to many watering holes which also attract birds.

Enjoy The Food

Croydon while much smaller than the most popular city in Queensland, Brisbane, still has a decent variety of restaurants for the connoisseurs. From international restaurant in Croydon to more cuisine specific restaurants, there is quite a variety here in this little town. Of course the variety is not very extensive however the food served is delicious and also is a testament to the beauty of the town. As the food is prepared with love and passion.

In the end, Queensland has many towns but Croydon is special and definitely worth a trip. The town while small has a rich history and a beautiful environment like no other. So travel to this amazing town and do the above. I can assure you that you will not regret it.

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